25 Aug 2013

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Tips for working more efficiency in office?

When you are working in a consultancy office like me in Malaysia, it is quite common that you will be an all round worker. i.e. you have to handle a lot of project from design level until construction level. It also includes the management level works.
Below are some tips for working more efficiency in office:

1. Every day, all corresponding letters or faxes must be attended immediately. Avoid any delay on these. Else you will receive a number of complaints from client. Unless the request needs a lot of attention, then you have to arrange a time to attend it.

2. Any return calls must proper manage. Select a best time for you to return call.

3. It is recommended that to do any brain thinking works in early morning; because it is the best time for thinking. Try not to do any brain thinking works after any site visits; especially in the hot afternoon. It also not recommended that when your emotion is bad such as angry.

4. If you feel tired than push the entire difficult tasks to another time, else what you do now will have a lot of mistakes. When human is tired, performance is low.

5. During meeting, try to answer any questions arise and resolve in meeting. But if you are not sure about something, remember not to commit it.

6. Try not to do long overtime work such as every day work until 1am or 12am morning. Next day start working in 7am. Overtime works for short period only. If you continue for a few weeks, you will find that you will be tired in day works. As a result, your performance will drop. This is not to ask you to lazy.

7. After a long working period, a tea break is a good time for you to relax. You will be more effective when you return to work.

8. When you assign any duty for your workers, bear in mind that you have to follow up with them through out the process. Do not last minute, call up them and ask for results! If your workers not doing your works, then how?

9. Project files management is important. Every completed project must be proper filed. No doubt that you may feel that this is waste of time but it will be helpful when you are looking for this project file after say 3months. If you put else where, you will be required a search for project file. Sometime, it consumes half a day or more. In a way, you are wasting your valuable time.

10. Project files management also important in computer filing system. Do not simply save you file any where in hard disk. Put into a proper folder and with good naming to folder. If some file had a lot of amendment, one of the ways is to save in date format. After some time, you can trace it more effectively. Remember to backup your files more frequently, you will not know when your hard disk is going to damage, your computer attacked by virus and etc.

11. Try to manage necessary thing to be brought to site! Do not left any things in office when you go for site visits. Otherwise you have to pay another journey to there. You will not feel it when is near by. How about to trip that need a day journey?

Written by scchee
Disclaimer: the above article is based on writer personal opinion. It will not represent any ultimate solution of any mention subjects. Writer will not responsible for any causes arise.

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