25 Aug 2013

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How to self care about Site Safety?(Intermediate)

It is common that civil engineer go for site visits. No doubt our government has strict rules and regulation about safety and government has always conduct strictly check on safety at site. As we know that our country is not a small country like Singapore; therefore, there will be some difficultly on enforcement of rules and regulation on safety. And, most of the construction sites are providing minimum safety such as safety helmets and shoes. Mega projects will have a very strict of safety measures, that will give construction workers with certain level of protection. As a result, most of the time at site; we have to self care about safety.

Whenever you are entering a construction site, first of all that you have to ensure that you have basic safety apparatuses such as safety helmet and shoe. Before enter the site, you must wear them. At the moment you are at construction, you have to always alert that with what you are doing. Every step that you move you have to very careful. Do not run at site because you do not know the site condition. Even thought you are station at site every day, you will not sure what is the change at site for every moment.

After rain, construction site will be very muddy, ponding, slippy. Most of construction workers will prefer to move along clean place such as top of plywood, concreted structure and covered plastic sheets. Bear in mind that such places are very dangerous; for example plywood, there will possibility of nails on plywood. Plywood has not proper restrained at ground, it may be loose. Even on concrete structure. If the structure just concreted, then the concrete is soft and even worst after rain. Covered plastic sheets, you will not know what is below the plastic sheets. If may be a hole, loosen ground etc. When you move around such places, the possibility of injure yourself is very high. Therefore, it is advises that you should not enter a site when it is rain. If you are already at site and raining, try to wait to do anything until the rain has been stopped for certain period.

When you are using some temporary structures at site, be sure that you have examined yourself the structure. As for example, when you are going to climb up with a wooden ladder, make sure that the ladder has good working condition. Also be sure that the ladder has been proper restrained at ground. If not, you have to request site personal to provide a worker to help to hold the ladder when you are climbing up.

If you are at high level such as high rise; do not move to edge of constructed building without any safety belt that has been secured. In most of low rise building such as double or triple storey building, it will not has such site safety belt measure. Therefore, you must at high alert about this.

Do not walk along place like single beam without any protection. Do not thing that you can become a stunt man like movie. This situation is happened when you are inspecting roof beam structure. In most case in Malaysia, there will not have any protection at roof level. It is better that you move with ladder around the roof beams. Some of the formwork may not proper erected at site may dangerous you further.

Do not stand below at place that has some construction is ongoing. As for example, when crane is lifting material above you, there will be possibility dropping of material. Whenever there is some work ongoing above or nearby you, you have to move further from it. It is to avoid any construction mistake that may make you injure. Such as brick works, construction worker may accidently drop off brick. If you are there, then what will happen to you?

Do not fun around site. When you are fun with someone else, you are always in un-alert condition. You can easily injure without proper precaution. After finish you work, just leave the site. If you judge that a temporary structure is not safe, do not use it. Because contractor may persuade you that they are working on it all the time, so it is safe.

What I have mentioned above are some of the examples that you have to take precaution. There are still a lot more about site safety, do remember that you have to always at high alert.

Written by scchee
Disclaimer: the above article is based on writer personal opinion on civil and structural field. It will not represent any ultimate solution of any mention subjects. Writer will not responsible for any causes arise.

Reading level: Intermediater.
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