25 Aug 2013

C & S Software Solutions Sdn Bhd

About Us

C & S Software Solutions Sdn. Bhd. is a company that mainly in development of engineering software. Technical director is Engr. Chee Shai Choon. He is the founder of company. The company setup in 2006 year. With the years of growth, another Infravera Sdn Bhd was setup in 2010 year. this is mainly on sales and marketing and supports. In 2012 year, MSMAware Sdn Bhd was setup with specialize in MSMA guide development.

Our mission is to develop engineering software that will increase productivity of any civil engineering works.

Another mission of web site is to provide information about civil and structural engineering; that can be help on engineering projects. It include articles, tips and related links to other web site.

(Updated 30/6/12)

About Engr Chee Shai Choon

The Engr. Chee Shai Choon is truely bred of a civil engineer who has combined good technical knowledge with great programming skill to produce numerous leading edge software in civil engineering.He has more than 14 years experience in engineerings and software development.

With the passion on IT, he is the developer and brain behind the highly successful "Infravera" suite in Malaysia market. The products being developed Earthworks Computation, Urban Stormwater Design, Aquator for water reticulation, drain/sewer network analysis and design. His software are know not only for their user friendliness, but also for their technical accuracies compared to others in the market. 

Currently he leads the development team of software developers and civil & strucutral engineers on products development.

About Ir.Dr Quek Keng Hong

If you use MSMA, you probably heard about Dr. Quek. A well known expert on MSMA who has developed numerous MSMA applications widely used by engineers around the country. An outstanding leader in his field who, despite his busy schedule, still finds time to conduct regular workshops and seminars on MSMA. Dr. Quek is known not only for his technical knowledge, but also for his ability to apply IT to solve engineering problems. A civil engineering consultant by practice, he has nearly 3 decades of experience in hydrology and urban drainage design and has involved in many major infrastructural projects around the country. He is the creator of MSMAware and jointly developed it with Engr. Chee.
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