25 Aug 2013

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I am working as a civil and structural consulting engineer from year 1994 to 2008. I gained a number of working experience on the civil and structural(C&S) field. It is ranging from design office, site works and management of projects. All articles and tips that posted on web site was based on my own working experience in Malaysia. There might be some difference for other countries.
I have passion on programming. Therefore I have built a number computer applications for civil and structural engineering. These software are needed for consutling office. Most of these computer applications applied to my own engineering projects. I learn the programming languages. Such as VB6, Visual Basic.Net and C#.Net(new). Through out the period that I working in consulting office, I keep on developing computer engineering applications. These can speed up my works and help me resolved a number of problems.

If you have any comments, I will be happy to hear from you. to
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