25 Aug 2013

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Common ground slab settlement cause by contractor!

When new building completed, there will be certain area that prompt to have ground slab crack or settlement. Common crack area is apron slab and slab next to split levels. These cracks mainly due to earth below not being well compacted. When contractor want to construct ground beam, contractor has to excavate earth for ground beam. After completion of ground beam, backfill is required. If the fill area not proper compact with suitable compactor, it will cause RC slab above crack or settle.
One of the remedial works is to hack off the ground slab and remove the loose earth below. Backfill back with sand and compact layer by layer by suitable compactor.

Written by scchee
Disclaimer: the above article is based on writer personal opinion on Civil and Structural field. It will not represent any ultimate solution of any mention subjects. Writer will not responsible for any causes arise.

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