25 Aug 2013

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Civil and Structural: SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

Computer with a 600-MHz or faster processor. The civil and structural engineering software can be installed on the following operation systems:
Microsoft Window XP or Microsoft Window Vista for Window Base software 1GB of RAM or more CD-ROM drive.
it works in 32bits system.
1024 x 768 or higher resolution display with 256 colors Keyboard and Mouse.
Applications have extra feature on CAD interlink. CAD interlink features require Bricscad V9.0 Professional or AutoCAD version 2002 (later). 
The civil engineering applications need Microsoft .NET 3.0  Framework to run. Therefore you need to install Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.0 Redistributable Package. The framework can down load from web site. If your system has the Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or Vista, then it not required to install the framework.
The size Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.0 Redistributable Package is about 300MB.
    1. Visits
    2. Select the Download at the Resources.
    3. Search for Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.0  Redistributable Package.
    4. Follow the instruction to install.
(Updated 14/1/10)

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