25 Aug 2013

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Civil and Structural Engineering Software

Pocket PC -Civil engineering software

cns Drain

Calculate discharge and flow velocity of difference sections. Level computation.

cns Sewer

Calculate discharge and flow velocity. Level computation.

cns Water

Calculate losses, discharge and flow velocity.

cns Earthworks

This is a earthworks application that perform volume computation based on grid system method. It is usefull when user need some quantities computation at site where PC is not available. User has to setup grid system and obtain all existing levels and proposed levels. Horizontal and vertical grid dimension. With these data, user input into application and let the application to compute the total quantities of earthworks, total of cut volume and fill volume. Application is usefull for design civil engineer, earthworks contractor and properties developer where has design office.
The pocket pc cns Earthworks can be transfered back to Earthworks Computation on PC version to make print, cut section etc...

Civil and Structural: Additional Information

All the above civil and structural engineering software required Microsoft .NET compact framework 2.0  to run.

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