25 Aug 2013

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Civil and Structural Engineering

POCKET PC-Structural engineering software

cns Beam

Calculate As required for given moment (BS8110)

cns Beam Capacity

Calculate ultimate moment for given area of reinforcement (BS8110)

cns Slab

Design rectangular RC Slab(BS8110)

cns Column

Design short column(BS8110)

cns Footing

Design RC footing(BS8110)

cns Piling

Design pile cap and analysis pile forces(BS8110)

cns SectProperties

Calculate steel section properties.

cns Bolting

Calculate bolts spacing and strength(BS5950)

cns ConstCalc

cnsConsCalc is a simple geometry calculations that need for construction site. It is usefull for computation of: Civil engineering infra structure works such as calculate invert level of drain and sewer and road level. Building works such as calculate roof pitch, sloping elements.

Civil and Structural: Additional Information

All the above engineering software required Microsoft .NET compact framework 2.0  to run.

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