In the view of important of water resources in Malaysia, we are starting to offer courses which related to water resources such as stormwater management.

For any company especially needs to upgrade their own staffs in field of water resources. Now we are please to provide additional service in water resources.

Currently we are concentrated at Urban Stormwater Management; in which we will provide you a direction to make your project to build according to our Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia 2nd Edition(MSMA2)

The courses offer can be held it at client office by special arrangement.

The courses are held by "ON DEMAND" ONLY.

Course 1:

Water Resources in stormwater - MSMA on concept, theories and practices.

Water resources is important in our daily life. It can be our drinking source for life, plantation, hydropower. Any life form in this earth will need water. Our country located near to equator, it has given us a unlimited natural of water. Every year, our country has substantial of rainfall which mean we have enough water to be utilized in our country. Without proper manage our stormwater, it will be a waste in water even it can bring to us with disaster like floods and land slide. Therefore, proper management of stormwater has become an important topic in our country. It is one of the important aspect of stormwater management for our engineers in Malaysia. In year 1990an, the Department of Irrigation and Drainage(DID) had anticipate the important of stormwater management in country. As a result, they had introduced a guideline at year 2000 to assist our engineers to management the stormwater. Before the introducing the guideline, our engineering design in the handling of the stormwater by rapid discharge; where the rain which fall onto the ground will be immediate release into our natural stream. This methodology became incapable when our country is moving toward developed country. The rapid growth of development make our natural resource like stream and river cannot gather the amount of rainfall. As a result, the stream and river cannot collect the quantum of water and cause the overflow of water. That create the flood or land slide. It can bring to us many issue such as economy loses due to floods or land slide. A number of damaged arise. This issue is repearting every year. It also shown that it is getting worst mainly at the urban area instead of rural area.

One of the way to alleviate the flood by introduction of the control at source which store the rainwater in a development site for a certain period before it is released back to natural resource. The main concept of control at source concept is to make the developed site does has similar or less amount of stormwater discharge from the site. Thus, it makes our natural resource like stream or river will be behave as before development of a project. In a way, it will not stress up our natural stream. With the continue of control at source, DID will no longer need to keep on improve the stream or river capacity by enlarging the size. Even it will come to an extend that the enlargement of natural resource will be practical dule to constrained by development land especially in urban area.

Anyway, the adoption of control at source still need further educate the engineers in country for the implementation of the system. Where until today i.e. 18 years after the introduction of control at source guideline. It seems that it still insufficient of the implementation of stormwater management system in country.

Therefore, this course is mainly to provide an introduction of water resource in stormwater by concept, theories and practices. It will manly refer to our guideline Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia(MSMA) 2nd edition. It will provide guidance on adoption of MSMA components, troubleshooting MSMA component on a given project. Important of application of OSD and Detention Basin. Selection of ARI. Erosion and Sediment control.

The course will cover topics as follow:

  • Time of concentration
  • Catchment issue
  • Case studies
  • Selection of minor and major drainage
  • Pond and OSD
  • Important issue in Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia 2nd Edition
  • Adoption of control at source.
  • ARIs
  • Basic hydrology and hydraulic knowledges.
  • Getting started for a project given.
  • Tips and tricks on water resources

Please viste this channel for our another digital MSMA for more info core MSMA Suite. Our 1st digital edition of Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia in our country.

Course 2:

SWMM- Getting Started

One of most popular open source software for Urban Stormwater Management Model. This software had been recommeneded by Department of Irrigation and Drainage(Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran) Malaysia in Chapter 2.3.4 of MSMA 2nd edition.

This software has certain unique of features such as Free software, can handle stormwater management, integration of stormwater component like pond. Time series which cannot be done by manual design.


  • Recommended by Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia 2nd Edition Chapter 2.3.4
  • FREE software
  • Handle stormwater management
  • Integration of stormwater component like pond, channel, pump, orifices, weirs, outlets
  • Time series computation-Cannot do it manually
  • Routing modeal-steady flow, kinematic wave and dynamic wave
  • Back water effect
  • Flood model study

Course 3:

BricsCAD Basic Training

BricsCAD is one of the alternative CAD. Any CAD user can easily be getting started with most of similar commands that available in CAD like LINE, ERASE. The purpose of this training is for user to getting started with BricsCAD Environmental. One of the reason of popularity of BricsCAD is the value for money in term of price.

Why Training?

  • Understaing A DWG-Drawing
  • Measuring in a Drawing
  • Printing
  • 2D drafting in BricsCAD

Course 4:

Engineering Product Development- Getting Started

Artificial Intelengence(AI) is coming soon. It will to replace many human actvities. There are certain jobs to the world to be replaced by AI(robot). Such as frontend banking, newspapers, waiter, factory production.
Do you want to stay ahead?
Programming is one of the future skill. Do get started with this to secure your future job.

We will provide guidenance on product development. It will mainly based on desktop development which in engineering environment. CAD programmming. Language will be in C# or VB.NET.
Our experiecne will lead you a proper path on development.

Why us?

  • We have experience of engineering product development more than 12 years
  • We provide direction of development based on the need of user
  • Integration of stormwater component like pond, channel, pump, orifices, weirs, outlets
  • We are good at coding
  • We have experience on troubleshooting problem in development.
  • We are strong at concept and theories of engineering

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