25 Aug 2013

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Civil and Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering Articles

Articles will be posted periodically.

Working experience of civil and structural consulting engineer (Intermediate)
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(Updated 09/7/09)
What will be the consequences of low professional fees rendered?(Intermediate)
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(Updated 01/6/08)
Computer files management (Beginner)
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(Updated 23/9/07)
 Pros and cons for civil and structural consulting engineers on computer software(Beginner)
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(Updated 27/8/07)
 Dilemma of civil and structural engineer (Beginner)
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(Updated 19/8/07)
 Building structure for structural consulting engineer (Intermediate)
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(Updated 15/8/07)
 Civil and structural consulting engineers in term of monetary!(Beginner)
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(Updated 10/8/07)
What are the common problems encountered on project management work-Civil and Structural Engineer?(Intermediate)
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(Updated 1/7/07)
 The work of the Civil and structural consulting engineer(Beginner)
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(Updated 24/4/07)
 Reasons for engaging civil and structural consulting engineers!(Beginner)!
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(Updated 4/4/07)
One Common Defects on House Renovation!(Beginner)!
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(Updated 27/3/07)
Civil engineering management- Management works for consulting engineer in Malaysia!(Beginner)!
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(Updated 19/3/07)
Story about a civil and structural engineer (PART 1)!(Beginner)
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(Updated 16/3/07)

Common ground slab settlement cause by contractor!(Intermediate)
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(Updated 22/2/07)
How to visually identify RC Structure Elements in Building ?(Beginner)
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(Updated 2/2/07)
How to determine preliminary type of foundation without Soil Investigation ?(Intermediate)
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(Updated 6/2/07)

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