25 Aug 2013

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Civil and structural engineering softwares!

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Cheer.... Our module of the year 2013 - Earth+

With +6 years in market and more than 10years in civil and structural engineering software development(Refer Product Chronological below).

We are from a small setup until now with our own sales team, support team and development team. Also a civil and structural engineering training centre in Puchong, Selangor.
Besides, our clients is also increasing in whole Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam.

Now with years of experience and the growth; and also the need of civil and structural engineers, we have concentrated our main power to our company by 100%

Aquator is coming... Another our new product for WaterRec.

Do you need integration of civil engineering Software?

You can learn a software in 30mins!
Come and see how our integration system works? We call now "interaction". Now our data can move over applications.
First improved "crashing anaylsis" system (CAS). Where now is automate or custom mode.
"Clash" system with automate adjustment data between drain and sewer.
Furthermore, MSMA data is link to drain system.
3D visualization on our applications.
And also earthwork levels are available in all applications.

Our applications getting "User friendly"...

Another new civil engineering application from us…
It runs with new graphic interface.
It is easy in input.
It runs without CAD application.
It can has more design customization.
It can has integrity check.
It can customize in section build.
It has warning system.
It has multiple output format.
It can interaction with CAD drawing.
Do see what we have… you will not regret on this… 

(Updated 5/1/12)

Sewer Network Analysis and Design Version 2.0 is more than what you want!.

Urban Stormwater Design Version 2.0 is now available. Another 2nd generation of our Infra Suite software. Now is come with run a design in a CLICK.

Earthworks Computation V2.0 is here. Now with new 3D view on existing levels.
Our 2nd generation of Earthworks Computation.
Main features is AUTOMATION on capturing existing and proposed levels and speed in earthworks computation!

Still using DOS version water reticulation software?
Cheers! WaterRec(WR) software is available now....

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(Updated 10/7/10)

A software "Urban Stormwater Design" specially written for "Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia" of Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran, Malaysia

Latest feature with simulation in level pool routing based on inflow and outflow.
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TRIAL version of Urban Stormwater Design(USD) is available for civil and structural engineers. Click here for enquiries.
(Updated 10/08/09)

C & S Software Solutions Sdn Bhd Vacancies
(Updated 30/3/11)

NewA FREE copy of civil and structural software is given when you participate in our survey. Just check in our website

  • You can save time on drafting* and design!
  • You can increase productivity up to 80%!
  • You can start to work less than 1/2 day!
  • You can ask junior technical personnel to work on!
  • You can get output with CAD!
  • You can save cost by reduce dependency on manpower!
Want to know more about our civil and structural engineering PC or Pocket PC Version?

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(Updated 14/1/10)

"The new urban stormwater software complies with the requirement of DID and simplifies stormwater analysis and design"
Ir Liam We Lin, RPM Engineers Sdn Bhd

"It gives a great help to our design office"
Ir.Bernard Tan Kwee Ann, Ingenieur Bersekutu, Selangor, Malaysia

"Improvement in our productivity"
Ir.Azlina, RMR Consult, Selangor, Malaysia

Dear clients, please email us if you want to update our applications

Civil and Structural Engineering Tools- C&S Software

Free resource added.
(Updated 17/8/07)

Civil and Structural Engineering Chronological - C&S Software

2000 Started Earthworks Computation.

2003 Started Sewer Network Analysis and Design.

2003 Started Drain Network Analysis and Design.

2006 Released 1st edition of Infrastructure applications called Infra Applications.

2007 Rename Infra Applications to Infra Suite

2008 Released Urban Stormwater Design for MSMA.

2008 Released WaterRec Design.

 2009 Development of 2nd edition of Infrastructure applications.

2010 Released 2nd edition of Earthworks Computation.

2010 Products evolved to Infravera

2011 Released 2nd edition of Drain Network Analysis and Design and Sewer Network Analysis and Design.

2012 Development of 3rd edition of Earthworks and 2nd edition of WaterRec. 3rd edition of Urban Stormwater Design(MSMA2)

2016 New division Man power concentration.

(Updated 30/6/12)

Civil and Structural Information

Free to visit to site. We will regularly update our web site and publish more articles related to civil and structural engineering (construction, building and engineering) or others.

We are building up one new section regarding construction information of Civil and Structural Engineering. you may find some information such as building contractor, construction supplier etc. Coming soon...More...

Civil and structural engineering blog - Please goto blogger site for more information More...

News related to Civil and Structural or Any related to Construction Industries...

MSMA2- What changes? (30/6/12) Wisma IEM, PJ.


Varies seminars had been held in Malaysia i.e. Terengganu(3/3/12), Johor IEM(14/4/12), NS IEM(3/5/12).
(Updated 5/6/12)

Now we are conducting regular training at our new Puchong office.

Infra Suite 2010 Current and Future, IEM Sabah 15/11/10
Infra Suite 2010 Current and Future, IEM Penang 9/10/10

1 month OJT(on job training) in JPS Ampang from 12/7/2010 to 11/8/2010

3 days hands-on course "Getting Start On Infra Suite 2010" on 2-5 Mar 2010 at Felda Engineering Services Sdn Bhd at Wisma Perdana 3,
(Updated 5/3/10)

2 days hands-on course "Advance Excel for Engineers" on 8-9 Jan 2010 at Wawasan Seminar Hall, PJ.

A training on 1/12/09 has been completed.

A training on 5/9/09 has been completed.

One month training on On Job Training at Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran, Ampang (21 July to 20 Aug 2009)

A product training at puchong office on 11/7/09 (Saturday) had been accomplished..

Half day trainng on Infra Applications 2009 at Gagasan Consultant at Kuantan had been completed on 23/6/09.

One day training on Infra Applications 2009 at Puchong had been sucessfully completeed on 21/3/2009.
One day training on Infra Applications 2009 at IRA Teknik Consulting Engineers, Melaka had been sucessfully completed on 14/2/2009.
(Updated 16/2/09)

One month training on Flood Forecasting System at JPS, Ampang (1 Dec to 31 Dec 2008) has been sucessfully completed.

3 Days Hands-On Course On Water Resources Analysis Using MS Excel with VBA Macros on 13-15/12/07 at Ampang, KL has been sucessfully completed. 
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"Bricscad Application in Civil Engineering" seminar on 10/11/07 at IEM Penang, Malaysia has been sucessfully completed.
More ...

Survey on civil and structural engineering

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