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The only comprehensive urban stormwater management software for your engineering project in Malaysia.

This year 2020 our Core MSMA Suite 2020

We had integrated the new HP26(2018) for Sabah and Sarawak on the rainfall stations(inclusive SUStom) into CoreMSMA Suite

Code name: SMART STORM

We have started in 2018. We are moving into the development of integration of MSMA water components.

  • Performance measurement in stormwater components

In year 2019, we are engaged by Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia(DID)/Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran(JPS) to conduct our Core MSMA Suite in DID
Few courses of MSMA had been conducted in view of important of our Core MSMA Suite for JPS.More info on our activities on MSMA

Stay tune to see what is the integration.


We started to build Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia software since 2006. The first edition of MSMA software is Urban Stormwater Design which being released since 2007. Since then, it had gone through many revision until today.

The introducation of our first edition of Urban Stormwater Design software had obtained a great respond from market which provided us a strong momentum to continue our business in water resources.

Therefore, from year 2006, we had started to explore into Stormwater field. We had spent a sustaintial of our time, efford, manpower on understanding the concept behind the MSMA. From year to year, we are kept on research and development of MSMA technology.

Initially the first two editions of software which developed were Detention basin and Onsite Detention(OSD). Anyway, through many years, we note with concern that by delivery the detension basin and OSD will not satisfy the needs of urban stormwater management in Malaysia.

As a result, we were started look into other topics of MSMA which now we had managed to complete ALL THE CHAPTERS OF MSMA 2ND EDITION. The completion of digital MSMA edition which we had named as Core MSMA Suite.

Why need to attend courses instead of learn by software!

Now, user can have alternative way to learn MSMA without attending MSMA courses. Normally after user was attended some courses, user will remember during or just after the event. But after some days, user may not remember any more. But it will be difference in software, the content of software is always there. Anytime, user can re-call it much more faster compare to remember on coursers or refering back to course notes. Another benefit is the software can passover to another user to learn. In a way, it also a cost saving. Attending course will count by per pax. Our software count by per license.

Besides, our comprehessive traning manuals provide another level of learning. The training manuals provide working example in manual computation as compare to computer output.

If you are in active subscription, then you are even much easy to catch up MSMA concept to design through our support teams; where we are good at water resources knowledge. We will further help you.


  • Basic understanding of Urban Stormwater concpet and design guideline for Malaysia

for those who interested to have a Getting Started in Stormwater Management. Now we are pleased to inform you that we do have a Getting Started course in stormwater. Please viste this channel Water Resources in Stormwater- MSMA concept, theories and practices. This channel is newly added in year 2018. We are enriching the content of stormwater management manual for Malaysia for engineers

General Features

  • Calculation pad in EXCEL alike output
  • Build on top working examples of MSMA Chapters
  • Focus on ONE CLICK APPLICATION. Selected modules with a click of button to get result.
  • Focus on ONE PAGE input. Selected modules with Data to be entered by a page.
  • Selected modules with 3D view
  • Selected modules with CAD support
  • Selected modules Simplified input mode.


  • Learn MSMA interactively via software (instead of attending courses)
  • Modules are built based on MSMA guidelines. Follow work examples in MSMA
  • Can act as tools for design and for checking MSMA submissions
  • Modules with 3D CAD output helps the user to visualize concepts
  • Output in EXCEL helps user understand MSMA design steps.
  • Modules helps user understand the basis of MSMA guidelines.
  • Modules also cover water-quality aspect of MSMA
  • Modules guides user on items to consider in detention basin or OSD design and other important aspects in MSMA guidelines.
  • Training manuals with manual steps that come together with computer steps.

Targeted audiances

  • Consulting engineers.
  • Authorities.
  • Local councils.
  • Researcher on MSMA topics.
  • Education. Lecturers and students in universities
  • Water resource designers.

Digital Classes 2019

Our new digital classes which provide you another level of learning instead of go for conventional classes to learn. Here we have our own classes where you can learn the basic of theories and then how it works on our software. Priority to be given to our clients. First come first serve only. Please check here for more info on our Digital Classes

core MSMA suite

Comprehensive package is available for MSMA suite. It covers ALL Chapters of MSMA2 contents. Total 18 modules+2 modules(2018)=20 modules

Chapter Name Software
Chapter 1-2 Design Criteria iDesign
Chapter 3 Quality Design Fundamentals PreQuality
Chapter 4 Roof & Property Drainage myRoofDrainage
Chapter 5-7 Value Engineering design on Hybrid system among detention system with drain IntelliDrain-Preview 2019
Chapter 5 and 7 Detention basin(Pond) and Onsite Detention(OSD) Express mode-ZeonStorm 2019
Chapter 5 and 7 Detention basin(Pond) and Onsite Detention(OSD) IntelliDrain
Chapter 6 Rainwater harvesting design RWH
Chapter 8 Infiltration Facilities InfilSoft
Chapter 9 Bioretention System BioPond
Chapter 10 Gross Pollutant Traps GPTSoft
Chapter 11 Water Quality Pond and Wetlands QuaPond
Chapter 12 Erosion and Sediment Control Plan myESCP
Chapter 12 Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Sediment Basin
Chapter 13 Pavement Drainage PaveSoft
Chapter 14 Drains and Swales DrainsSwales
Chapter 15 Pipe Drains PipeNet
Chapter 16 and 17 Engineered Channel and BioEngineered Channel Engchannel
Chapter 18 Culvert design aCulvert
Chapter 19 Gate and Pump iPump
Chapter 20 Hydraulic Structures HydroStruc
Annex 1 Ecological Plant EcoPlant

IntelliDrain 2019


Our next new hybrid design with OSD and channel.


Design Acceptance Criteria chapter 1
Quantity Design Fundamentals chapter 2

It can use to generate design criteria for a project which can use for the stormwater management works.

EXCEL alike output.


Quality Design Fundamentals as per MSMA 2nd edition chapter 3
Pollution load, Preliminary Sizing of Water Quality Pond and Preliminary Sizing of Treatment Train

EXCEL alike output.


Roof and Properties Drainage as per MSMA 2nd edition chapter 4
Roof gutter and downpipe design system. It is fully supported with CAD drawing. User can import roof layout into app.

ZeonStorm 2020

Urban stormwater design for MSMA i.e. Urban Stormwater Management for Malaysia second edition 2011. From the complexity of MSMA, we have managed to simplify it to a level of simplicity. We called it ONE CLICK APPLICATION. It comprises of OSD and detention basin design. Chapter 5 and 7. Now even this MSMA pond has compliance with our Malaysia Standard MSM2526.

Our upcoming 3D pond of ZeonStorm. Stay tune with our innovative feature...

Lastest stations for Sabah and Sarawak upto 2018

Our signature module.

EXCEL alike output.


Rainwater Harvesting-RWH

Rainwater harvesting module as per MSMA 2nd edition chapter 6. It covers Tank sizing and piping system modules

EXCEL alike output.


Infiltration facilities as per MSMA 2nd edition chapter 8. It covers infiltration trench and basin modules.
It comes with 3D view and EXCEL alike output.


Bioretention system as per MSMA 2nd edition chapter 9. It covers bioretention system module.
It comes with 3D view and EXCEL alike output.


Gross pollutant traps as per MSMA 2nd edition chapter 10. It covers Trash Rack, SBTR and OGI modules.
It comes with 3D view and EXCEL alike output.


Water Quality Pond and Wetland as per MSMA 2nd edition chapter 11. It covers water quality pond and wetland modules.
It comes with 3D view and EXCEL alike output.

myESCP Apps

CPESC requirement design modules in myESCP

ESCP is the new Erosion and Sediment Control Software. It includes four sections. Erosion control, Runoff Management, Sediment Control and Operation.

Compliance with MSMA 2nd edition, chapter 12

Comprehensive report with EXCEL alike output.

CAD drawing supported

Sediment Basin

ESCP design for MSMA i.e. Urban Stormwater Management for Malaysia second edition 2011. Now it comes with 3D visualization. It comprises of dry and wet sediment basin module. Chapter 12

Compliance with MSMA 2nd edition, chapter 12

EXCEL alike output.


Pavement Drainage as per MSMA 2nd edition chapter 13. It covers uniform gutter, composite gutter, V shaped roadside gutter and curb opening inlet modules.

EXCEL alike output.


dranins swales Channel as per MSMA 2nd edition chapter 14..

CAD drawing support

EXCEL alike output.


Pipe Channel design as per MSMA 2nd edition chapter 15..

CAD drawing support

EXCEL alike output.


Engineering Channel as per MSMA 2nd edition chapter 16 amd 17. It covers construction of engineered channel with composite channel module.

CAD drawing support

EXCEL alike output.


Culvert module as per MSMA 2nd edition chapter 18. It covers culvert module.

Design module with the replacement of monograph

EXCEL alike output.

iPump 2.0

Two sample projects shown in iPump

  • Pump station module as per MSMA 2nd edition chapter 19. It covers pumping station design module with routing.
  • Sample project with multiple pumps

The samples provide a better understanding on how to design a pump station.

Multiple pumps system

EXCEL alike output.


Hydraulic Structures as per MSMA 2nd edition chapter 20. It has hydraulic structure module such as energy dissipator of riprap basin, stilling basin SAF and Type IV and drop structure of spillway.

It comes with 3D view and EXCEL alike output.


Annex 1-Ecological Plant

It comes with 3D view to generate the delination of a site example pond.

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