• "3D ZEON engine"
  • "Impresive 3D Earthworks"
  • "3D Sediment basin"
  • "3D channels and pipes for Drainage, Sewerage and Water reticulation"
  • "Live map for rainfall stations for Urban Stormwater MSMA"
  • "Import and Export cross section data from and to HEC-RAS"

Latest Projects

Throughout every years, we are interested to do any customize civil and structural engineering projects from range of engineering design up to software works.

We are concentrated on real projects which can provide us more realistic practical knowledge in implement of software development.

Hydrology and hydraulic modeling for flood mitigation in Rompin, Pahang

2018. Status in progress.

Recommended software: core MSMA suite, uCivil, SWMM, HEC-RAS

Stormwater Management Review for ECOWorld

2017-2018. Status in progress.

Recommended software: ZeonEarth, core MSMA suite, uCivil, SWMM, HEC-RAS

Stormwater Management for SimeDarby

2017-2018. Status in progress.

Recommended software: ZeonEarth, core MSMA suite, uCivil, SWMM, HEC-RAS

Completed projects

1.myLandLeveling for farmer on paddy field plantation in country of South America Suriname by using our ZeonEarth technology.

2.Drainage Study for INFINEUM REFINERY in Pulau Ayer Chawan at Singapore 2015-2017.A study being carried out for infineum refinery in Singapore by using our software. The site has area of more than 7Ha

3.Detention basin and OSD study and design for AZ Engineering-2015

4.Roof trusses design study for Seremban Gateway of Sunrise Brothers Sdn Bhd

5.Structure defect study and design for Sundex factory in Cambodia-2014

6.STP plant-RC Pump station design of 41000PE for Pretamaju Sdn Bhd by using our Tank Modeler application-2014

7.Customization in software of Arcgis for TAWAU project flood mapping on Stormwater Management for DID project

Completed projects

8. Customize SURFER software for Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran in April 2008. The main task was the automation of drought map preparation using SURFER software. Automated the preparation of drought monitoring maps under JPS’s Info-Kemarau system - 2008 Rainfall data customization for DID. By using Surfer- contouring and 3D surface mapping for scientists and engineers. We customized surfer application with VBA; where we built automation on contour ploting for DID

9. Conduct a 1-month hands on training on application of VBA programming to develop a flood forecasting model based on the Tank Model for JPS Engineers and engineers from Typhoon Committee member countries – 2008,2009 and 2010.

10. GIS for Major Flood mitigation Projects in Malaysia for Klik-Info Channel Sdn Bhd 2004

11. Coastal engineering Database development for RPM engineers Sdn Bhd 2003

12. Sg Linggi GIS development and customization for RPM engineers Sdn Bhd -2002