• "Earthworks 3D contour in Bricscad"
  • "Main Zeon Viewer"
  • "Earthworks main view"
  • "3D terrain with contour lines"
  • "Cross sections were ploted in 3D terrain"

Zeon Applications

Zeon is our latest 3D technology where it can produce a number of 3D elements. First and almost is uses in our Earthworks application. And also it applied to our terrain viewer which named as Zeon Viewer.


  • CAD application such as Bricscad V16 or our own CAD engine
  • CAD drawing in dwg format

Zeon Earth

Earthworks software which calculate cut and fill earth volumes. Earthworks methodology on 3D and grid method that provides user an alternative method of earthworks computation. It has additional feature of cross section plot which strongly supported by our xSection product.

Zeon Storm

Hydrology and hdraulic analysis and design application.

Zeon Viewer-3D terrain viewer

3D Terrain in Bricscad. It can uses to view how a site looks alike. Is it highliy, valley, flat area etc. Beside, user can pick any direction for profiles to plot in 2D. These profiles can further plotted in CAD. Also the profiles' coordinates can be further exported to HEC-RAS, text file and excel file

Zeon Brics

Earthworks software which it can perform calculation for cut and fill volume. Based on simple workflow, user can just with few steps to obtain cut and fill volume.

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